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About Six Streets Arts Trail

Six Streets Arts Trail is a not-for-profit event led by a very small group of volunteers. We began in 2012 with an idea for a very small trail, where artists living in the area opened their houses. This soon developed into something bigger and we managed to source additional venues in the area.

We now display work by residents of Six Streets and friends, and are very happy to partner with local organisation such as Broadway Baptist Church, Markeaton School, Point Six Cafe and The Creaky Floorboard.

Responding to public feedback

In order to keep down costs and be as accessible as possible, we trialled a ‘free’ entry model in 2017. While some people welcomed this, some people told us they missed not having a Guide, and would be happy to pay for one to make sure they don’t miss out. So, responding to this feedback, we have re-instated the guide and have kept the price as low as possible. 

How is the Trail Funded?

The cost incurred by running the Trail, which includes insurance, publicity and administration costs are covered by the Trail Guide fee and artists participation fee.

Previous Trails have also benefited from funding from a variety of sources which has enabled the Trail Guide to be sold at a lower cost, or no cost at all. In 2019, we have no additional funding, so rely on the hard work of volunteers and small participation fee from artists. We have, however, aimed to keep the Trail Guide fee and artist fee as low as possible.


Thanks to all the volunteers who have organized the trail, to the artists, makers, singers and musicians, and to the venue hosts who make the trail possible.

Six Streets Arts Trail Disclaimer

The Six Streets Group, exhibiting artists and the venues cannot be held liable jointly or individually for any loss or injury sustained at any of the ‘venues’.  All appropriate precautions for security and safety must be taken by individuals at the event.

The Six Streets Group does not take responsibility for the ‘venues’ which take place on people’s private property. The Six Streets Group does not inspect the ‘venues’. Each ‘venue’ is given Risk Assessment guidelines and encouraged to undertake their take their own risk assessment and carry out any ensuing actions. Each individual person working at or visiting any of the venues takes responsibility for any attendant risk to which she or he may be subject.

None of the Six Streets Group can be held liable for any damages resulting from errors or omissions on this website or other publicity material or any other discrepancies between published and actual opening or attendance times at the venues.