Community Guidelines


Six Streets is a community group, run by local residents, based in the Six Streets area of Derby. Please get in touch if you would like to become involved.

Our aim is simple – to make life better by encouraging friendship and a spirit of neighbourliness.

Six Streets is not-for-profit, non religious, non political and does not act as an action or pressure group.

In keeping with the ethos of Six Streets, any content which is unneighbourly, offensive, SPAM or trolling will be removed.

You can post about:

  • Six Streets organised activities

  • things lost and found in the local area

  • advice/recommendations sought We ask that before posting asking for a recommendation, you first check for previous similar recommendations.

  • one-off free items (some “at cost to provide” items may be allowed).


- Services offered by individuals or small businesses in the area which are on a one-off basis and if they are free, at cost or with profits donated to charity.

- Religious events where there is a direct community benefit.

- Charitable causes where a resident is involved or there is direct benefit to the area.