A different door is open each month …

A different door is open each month …

At Home

This is a monthly social event held in different houses round the area. It is small scale - just as well as most houses aren't huge!

It runs from 6.30 to 8pm on the First Friday of each month.

No RSVP needed - just bring along whatever you're going to eat/drink (if you bring glasses then the host won't even have to do the washing up!)

If you would like to host, please get in touch.


The volunteer host is not expected to provide anything other than the venue.

Anyone who wishes to drop by, whether it is for 20 minutes or for the full session, brings along everything they need - so your favourite nibbles and drinks are guaranteed to be there and you even drink from your own glass/cup.

This DIY approach means you don't have to RSVP. Everyone is invited - on the understanding that you may not get a seat. If you wish to check accessibility of a venue or whether you need to bring stuff to keep your child entertained, please contact us.