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Book Clubs

There are two book clubs in Six Streets who meet up an evening each month. We can also support anyone interested in setting up a new book group:

Wheeldon Avenue

Each member chooses a book a year and then in the summer, we meet to swap books as holiday reads and for a social to choose new books. Members set the discussion questions for book they chose and also host a meeting for another book on the list. As well as the monthly meetings, as many of the group as possible get together for a "Christmas" meal out - usually around the beginning of February!

Park Grove / White Street

We select books in advance for a few months, trying to choose quite varied titles. We rotate hosting each meeting around group members on a voluntary basis, people also offer to prepare discussion questions on the books. We don’t always stick to the questions, but let the discussions flow and then check back to see if any questions haven’t been covered and would still be interesting! It seems to be working well for us.  We started in September 2009 and have around eight or so coming each month.