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Meals Service

Is cooking a meal for yourself and your family difficult at the minute? 

Perhaps you are recovering from an operation, have just had a baby, been bereaved or are having major kitchen work done, everyone is in need at some time or other.

How does it work?

  1. Click on the Enquiry Form below

  2. Cathy will get in touch to ask for relevant details e.g. when meals are needed, any dietary needs/ preferences etc

  3. Volunteers will bring cooked meals from the team for agreed time

Who are volunteers?

  • Local neighbours

  • Those who have benefited from the Meals Service in the past

  • Maybe you…

Thinking of volunteering?

You do not need to cook very often, when it is inconvenient to you or if the dietary requirements make it difficult for you. Simple, straightforward meals are the aim. Any dishes that you deliver the meal in will be returned by the recipient.

Volunteering is much appreciated and helps you meet neighbours.

Many thanks to those who have cooked and delivered!