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Markeaton School will be displaying the children’s work on trees along Bromley Street. No word yet on their theme - will Miss Gamble be keeping it a secret until the last minute?

.You too can take part by emailing tinalhampton262@gmail.com

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if you are interested in other Arts Trail matters - hosting, exhibiting, playing music, running a pop up cafe or arts activity, please Get in Touch

Six Streets Yarn Bombing:

Harriet is adopting a tree over on White St while neighbours Ali and Leslie are getting together to yarn bomb the tree outside their houses on Park Grove

One Park Grove resident is already thinking that the tree she can see from her window needs a little TLC - she is torn between different ideas on theme. Should it be Seashells & Mermaids? Russian dolls? Or something completely different … It is going to be amazing to see the range of inspiration come the 22nd and 23rd of June.

As far as I know you have your pick in Statham St but I’m sure some residents there will succumb to temptation!

Please email tinalhampton262@gmail.com to check that the tree/ telegraph pole you are thinking is a perfect place to yarn bomb is not already taken.


Original post:


As you may already know one of the attractions of the

Six Streets Arts Trail

is the decorated trees and I wondered if you may like to take part.

If you don’t knit then crocheted or felted decorations can be used. Also, please don’t worry about the skill involved – none of us are “professional” and this is meant to be a bit of a fun. You could join us in different ways:

·         you may like to “adopt” a tree/ lamp post/ telegraph anywhere in the area and decorate it

·         you may like to offer to join with some-one else to do so

·         or you may want to offer any knitted/crocheted/felted items you have made so that some-one else may use them.

There is

No Theme

this year – just have fun and decorate in your own stye – it will be interesting to see what happens!

If you would like to know more, make comments, or are keen to “sign up” please send your name, contact details, and location of the tree, lamp post or telegraph pole you intend to “adopt “ ( to avoid double adoptions!) to me – tinalhampton262@gmail.com

Thank you.

Tina Hampton

p.s. I intend to decorate the 4th tree on the left of Wheeldon Avenue (going up the street) as that is near to where I used to live.