Kedleston Rd Planning Application - comments closed

I was told by the council that there was a week left but now I’ve been told comments have closed.

However, you can still contact the council about this application

- just not on the website but that wasn’t necessarily working anyway! Chief Planning Officer - - knows there have been issues with the site.

Brook Medical Centre has applied for permission to build a 4 storey apartment block in front of the medical centre. The proposal is for 12 flats with changes needed to the surgery car park.

Full details can be seen on the council website - the reference numbers are 18/01739/FUL for the 12 flats & 18/01707/FUL for the changes to Brook Medical Centre access and car park.

If you wish to comment on the application, please check out which issues the planning officers and committee have to consider before a decision is reached.

There are reports of people having problems submitting comments on the council website, you may like to post (old style) your comments or email to ask for help.

Please note - you can’t hand letters in at the Council House any more (security concerns)