Probable Garden Intruder

from Slack Discussion Forum and posted here with the aim of helping to preventing crime:

“Hate to bring a negative note to our joyous new year but this timely reminder may help someone avoid a bit of grief.

Last week an intruder climbed over our locked gates during the night. We know as the gate was damaged and I think I heard something at about 4am on that Wednesday morning. Nothing obvious taken or damaged, but it is almost exactly two years to the day all my best tools got nicked from the garage.

The message I got from various crime prevention people after the theft was the more deterrence in place the more hassle it is for the thief so less chance they'll bother. I've since put in lights, CCTV, beefed up door bolts etc, alarms in sheds (one calls me if triggerd) and kept a decent record of expensive items. I've also made sure there are no items left around that could be used as a crowbar etc. Might be worth checking your own security situation?”

Diana Bruce