Hedgehog Watch


Some hoglets can be born as late as September or even October in mild years - like 2018

Hedgehogs must weigh 650g from October onwards to survive hibernation unaided. The number of hedgehogs seems to have increased in our gardens recently so more people may find this advice useful:

How to Help Me

  • If I am out at night please weigh me, if I am under 650g I need rescuing

  • If you see me out in daytime, please pick me up, I need rescuing

  • Secure me in a high sided cardboard box with a wrapped hot water bottle with a towel/fleece for me to hide in so I feel safe

  • Call for rescue ASAP as I will need fluids and medication

  • Keep my box in a quiet place and make sure my bottle doesn’t go cold

  • Offer me fresh water and, if possible, meaty cat or dog food

Call British Hedgehog Preservation Society as soon as possible on 01584 890 801 for further advice and the numbers of local contacts.

Diana Bruce