VW: Sat Nav Taken

Info from our Facebook page:

Stina’s car on Park Grove was targeted recently - window smashed and serious attempt made to remove in-built sat nav. That failed.

However, it was broken into again - window smashed againon Sunday night/Mon morning. This time the sat nav was taken. (My guess - same people, better tools/knowledge or maybe more confident/more time)

Some cctv footage shows two bodies hovering around our house around 2.20 am but unfortunately the car is parked out of range from the camera. Did anyone else see or hear anything?

If you have CCTV you can upload it directly to the police using Derbyshire Capture

Contact 21 Park Grove or ring 101 if you have any information.

Crime number for this second incident: 19000057801

In the past, there was spate of incidents where local VW cars were targeted. Hopefully, this is not the start of another round. There seems there is a market for stolen VW sat navs - if you are buying secondhand, please be certain it’s not stolen