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Snow Patrol

It all started with Laura, realising that some local people had difficulty getting around in the snow and volunteering to coordinate group efforts to improve matters. Since then, it has grown to a service of nearly 30 volunteers.

The Snow Patrollers aim to clear a narrow but useful path along as many pavements as possible as soon after snow settles as they can. Vulnerable and less mobile residents can request for snow to be cleared and patrollers will try to clear a path to those front doors. 

Other residents can borrow equipment from Snow Patrollers - look out for the sign in the window. This means you can clear a stretch when your Snow Patroller is away or ill.

There are a few unassigned stretches of pavement, it is a great way of getting exercise in the snow - please volunteer, if you can

Maria Kneale has, due to other commitments, given up co-ordinating volunteers. Many thanks to her. If you would like to take over this role, please get in touch

Snow Patrol Info

Six Streets Snow Patrol thanks Markeaton Pharmacy for the use of their frontage for our grit bin.