First Derby Walking Festival

Derby Walking Festival 2019

 Derby has never had a Walking Festival before but it will be happening from 18th to 26th May. Would you like to volunteer? Or perhaps you know the ideal person to be involved?

 Katy West, the council's new MoveMore coordinator, is organising the event and she would like the festival to be what the people of Derby want it to be. If you have a favourite walk in and around the city - perhaps highlighting its history, perhaps more about wildlife, perhaps one in a less known about spot or about an interest of yours - then the Festival is the ideal place to share it with others.

 If you would like to know more, please ask your question on the Discussion Forum (easy to join if you haven’t already) or email into If I can’t help you, I can contact Katy. If you would appreciate it, free short course training in how to lead a walk for others is available. This will cover safety aspects etc and build your confidence in time for the Festival.

 There are many existing Walking Festivals around Britain – maybe these will inspire you!


Diana Bruce