Wheeldon Ave is cleaner ...

Cllr Martin Repton and our council officer, Claire, came out and started shovelling and brushing the leaf gunk away. They were helped by local resident, Paula (thanks Paula) They soon realised that all they could do was to clear the worst off the worse pavement so Claire said the magic password to StreetPride who found some guys and finished off.

Obviously, there were quite a few cars parked and this was a last minute emergency clean so it’s not perfect. But is better in time for Christmas! So well done Martin & Claire.

The plan is for StreetPride to make a couple of visits in the New Year so Bromley and the rest of Park Grove, you will be sorted too.

As it happens, today also saw the Severn Trent hole being filled in so the barriers only cover the setting tarmac now - giving us back some parking spaces.

Diana BruceSix Streets